A collection born out of heirloom traditions of handlooms and hand embroideries that highlights the skill and yearning for detail in the years gone bye where the only benchmarks were creativity, aesthetic beauty and a sense of touch....

​Hand Embroidered Cushions

it is our effort to present a collection of Luxurious cushion covers and pillows hand embroidered by our mastercraftsmen on plush velvets. These multidimensional embroideries are a tribute to the treditions of the years gone bye

Hand Embroidered Wall Art

Our wall art is a collection of exquisitely hand embroidered panels that adorn the walls of museums, palaces and palatial homes. Our highly skilled artisans have painstakingly created these works of art as a team. With a generou

Gifts & Souvenirs

Bespoke, heritage and seasonal souviners & gifts, hand crafterd to brighten up your homes and liven up your hearts.

Textiles & Accessories

A collection put together after carefully hand picking textiles from pan India, we present a fusion of classic, colourful and casual apparel and accessories that will tickle your imagination and pamper your body and soul. Our objective is to create a h